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Friday, April 30, 2010

Whoa, Momma!!

Mother's Day is quickly approaching...

For many of us, this is the point when we start to realize that we know way more mothers than just our own and we really want to show them ALL how much we appreciate and love them.

This week, we've taken some of our cutest mom friendly outfits and accessories for you to check out!

Our main advice on Mother's Day gifts? Choose something unique and special that she wouldn't splurge on for herself. Every single one of these outfits has something that will fit someone you know perfectly.

This first set of jewelry is by Elizabeth Bray, a Murfreesboro local. She is a doctor by day and a jewelry creator by night. She is truly talented and the way she lights up when she speaks of the labor that goes into every single one of her pieces is awesome. These pieces are sterling silver, with a hand-enameled circle in white.

This top is by ANLO-NYC. It is 100% smooth silk and has a casual, comfy fit. We think it looks so cute with our Habitual Grable Bootcut jeans in Whiteout. The glory pocket on the back of these is super flattering, which is good, cause we know from experience, that's all that matters when you are buying jeans.

Next up, we have this beautiful dress by MM Couture. The fit on the dress is blousy at the top and a little more fitted at the bottom. The back has a large keyhole opening that shows just enough skin.

I just tried this dress on with our black, calfskin wrap belt by Ada and..LOVE!! This belt can be worn a dozen different ways. The fact that it ties means that it can work with many different waist sizes and can be worn higher or lower on the waist.

These drop earrings by Diana Warner are a sparkly, grey black in person and finish off this outfit really well for mom.

For the mom who prefers something a little longer we have this gorgeous maxi dress by MM Couture. It is bright and fun for this season. For those of us who are, um, vertically challenged, I suggest making it a mini dress (wouldn't that be so cute?)

These hoops are by Diana Warner, they combine two of my obsessions, pearls and rose gold. So pretty and they bring out the pink/peach undertones in the dress really well.

DV by Dolce Vita. Where would we be without them? These wedges have a zipper in the back, (so they slip on easily) & they are so gorgeous! Wearing them will make that special mom feel like she is on top of the world!!

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