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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let me shop..hold the guilt

We know your tricks. You buy something with cash so you don't have to let the hubby know. You bring things in the house sans bag and hang them up quickly so that you feel better about spending that little extra. You tell yourself you deserve it (and you do) cause it was a tough day. Well, we've rounded up some items that you can carry proudly and if you can get your accountant to write them off as charitable donations then more power to you!

What's more? These three companies are not only fabulous do-gooders they all have Tennessee roots!

Diana Warner

We have talked her up so much in the past few months and when we met her, she was just as sweet as her jewelry is beautiful. She uses her gift of design and proceeds from her company to join in the fight against African poverty and AIDS. As if that wasn't enough, she travels frequently to ensure what she gives is used wisely.

Monogram Charm Necklace

This necklace can be special ordered just the way you want it.
Available in Gold or Silver.

Phindi Necklace

Named after a beautiful South African Woman that Diana worked with to create her art.
Each piece is made with recycled stone or reconstituted turquoise.

Thistle Farms

We have talked about the Nashville based ministry of Magdalene before. They are so wonderful, we could actually write an entire blog on them. The Thistle is actually a weed that grows in random, obscure places. Although it is often ignored and stepped on, it is strong, resilient and produces a beautiful flower. That is how the women that work the business of Thistle Farms see themselves. They have a history of drug addiction and prostitution and a future that looks bright because of the skills they learn through running the business.
The bonus? Their products are high-quality and smell great!

Soy Based Candle

Available in Citrus Vanilla, Lavender & Tea Tree Mint

Lip Smoothies

Available in Citrus Vanilla & Tea Tree Mint

Visiting Orphans

We are so proud of the work that Visiting Orphans does in ensuring that groups of volunteers visit orphanages in areas with highest need. Not only do they visit, they actually ensure that the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the children they visit are met. Even more, once they make those connections, they keep giving by bringing home these amazing paper bead necklaces and using the proceeds to continue giving back.

Rolled Paper Bead Necklaces

Available in Rose.


  1. Did Ivelisse write this? Reminds me of when Blake found out she was hiding shopping bags!

  2. Actually Meralis did...but yes I still might have to do that Lauren!! PS...your wrap belt just came in and your box shipped on Monday with the first set of goodies so you should get it today!