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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Little Background....

So here we are...two cousins who decide to own a store, but WHY? And where did that name come from??? Once we started spreading the news, these are questions we were being asked wherever we went. We thought we would share a little background on our crazy adventure that we are embarking on.

There was a store in Murfreesboro, established 14 years ago, named "Anastasia's Attic". This store had become a part of Murfreesboro, helping dress numerous women for a special occasion, whether it be for a day at the park, church on Sunday, or for that big party! Throughout the years the name evolved to "Anastasia's" and one Saturday in February it decided to close it doors.

We are two girls, who have always loved clothing, shoes and jewelry. Born in Milwaukee, we grew up together always loving fashion. Whether it was dressing ourselves, or dressing our Barbie's, we always took great pride in what we had on. It didn't always look good together or match, but we were happy!! As years passed, we moved and ended up in different locations, but our love for fashion always brought us together. Going to the mall or our favorite boutique became a part of our weekly routine. We like to call it "Retail Therapy". There is something about walking out of a store with a bag in your hand that makes you that much more excited about life! For some reason, our husbands don't always understand...but we won't get into that!! After our fabulous "Retail Therapy" sessions, we are quick to call the other, sharing our excitement and our purchase! Sometimes this even causes an extra "retail therapy" experience that week!

So this great store was closing, who was going to open a new one??
Once we heard of this opportunity, we knew we had to take advantage of it. We knew that this was not one that would come around every day so we didn't even think twice before we agreed to do it! Moving to the same city AND shopping for a living...seriously? Although this would cause a cross-country move for one of us, we knew it was something we had to do!

Now that we are on-board...what do we name it???

Once we heard the store was closing...we were in. BUT the best part of it all...Anastasia is one of our grandmother's names. Crazy HUH? We knew at this point we had to preserve the was special to us on a personal level and special to the Murfreesboro Community. We decided to change it a bit to Anastasia's Boutique! A slightly different name, with a slightly different concept! Whether it is something for you or someone you know, our hope is that you leave our store, bag in hand, having just had a successful "Retail Therapy" experience!

So as we take off running towards this opportunity that God has presented in our lives...we ask that you run with us!! Its going to be a wild ride...but we will all look GREAT in the process!!!

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